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Paris Conner, AMFT

Registration No. AMFT 130839

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Brainspotting Practitioner
Gottman Method Couples Therapist
Registered Nurse Practitioner
Health Coach
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

Clinical Supervisor: Shante Ogden
License No. LCSW 94867


Specialties include:
  • Addiction
  • Co-Parenting
  • Family Transitions
  • Couples
  • Anxiety
  • Mindfulness
  • Health Concerns

Hello, my name is Paris Conner, besides being a Registered Nurse practitioner for over 30 years specializing in Women’s Health, Chronic Medical Conditions and Mental Illness, I am also an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. As I discovered my gift is to guide people through personal challenges, help ease emotional burdens and empower people to achieve a new mindset.

My job is to be a cheerleader, guide, and a support to help people manage their own life. Everyone has the capacity to manage his or her own problems in their own time at their own pace and in their own way.

The joy I receive from helping my clients is seeing them walk away lighter, freer and excited to live their own personal journey after healing from wounds, disorders and obstacles in their path.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I’M POSSIBLE."

With numerous specialties, we are confident that one of our therapists would be a great fit for your unique situation. If you’re going through a challenging time and need support, we’re here for you.

You can call Paris Conner at 951-972-6262, or contact her online.