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Rjay Moodie, LMFT

Rjay Moodie, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

License No. LMFT 125868


Specialties include:

• Family Dynamics and Family Conflict
• Bipolar
• Couples
• Anxiety/Depression
• Substance Abuse

It is my goal to be your greatest cheerleader. Hope, shame, and poor self-esteem will cause any adult or teenager to feel alone and in despair. Whatever is the cause of you not being the best version of yourself it’s time to change the narrative. Allow me to be part of your path to better physical and emotional health. I have worked with individuals and families for over 10 years putting people in a position to thrive. If you have anxiety let’s work together to reduce your episodes of anxiety. If you suffer from depression allow me to assist in improving the quality of your life. If you’re going through a phase of life transition and find it difficult I can help. No one is perfect, but I won’t give up on you. Even when you feel all hope is lost you will always have a cheerleader and resource in me. I’ve worked with individuals and families suffering from substance abuse. Helping clients build resilience and feeling supported is my specialty. Whatever you’re dealing with no one should have to do it alone. Is parental issues a problem? Let’s work together to find your authentic parenting style. Are you having marital issues? Let’s collaborate on communication styles and boundary setting. If your life generally feels out of control, let’s work together to gain that control back. Success in mental health is about creating options unique to your lifestyle, and together we will work towards that goal. I am compassionate but will hold you accountable. Bring your family and friends if that’s what it takes. Let’s work together to change the narrative that keeps you stuck.

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