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Intimate Betrayal

Support for women who have been betrayed by their significant other by pornography or sex addiction. Pre requisite- you will need to be in your own individual therapy during this time. Must be approved for group.

Group Details:

Age: Adults
Issues: Women’s Issues
Session Cost: $50


Bullying, drama, “teasing,” no matter what you call it, it hurts the same. Feeling isolated, abandoned, or rejected? Wondering why you are being targeted when you’ve done nothing wrong? If you have experienced verbal, emotional, physical or cyber bullying, by peers or even friends, this group may help! In a supportive environment, with other girls who can understand, we will work on regaining your confidence, self-worth, and happiness. Facilitated by Tiffany Libby with Thrive Well Trauma Center. Contact Tiffany at to ask any questions and be screened for whether this group is for you.

Group Details:
Every Tuesday 4pm-5pm

Age:  Teenagers(14-18); All Genders
Issues: Self-esteem, Trauma
Types of Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Session Cost: $45

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